The Angel

by William M. Wilson

I passed him by and I don't know why,

He peered right down in my soul.

He had that look like I's an open book.

I pulled over on the road.

I don't go all the way where you go today,

Let me off at the next station.

He'd just got in and there was rain and wind,

How'd he know my destination?

I tried to be brave but I started to crave

For the meaning of this meeting.

Had he dropped in to expose all my sin?

My heart, I knew, he was reading.

Don't fear or dread about the life you have led,

It's been done by your own power.

He now gives you a gift. Your heart He will sift

So He can use you in this hour.

Some will be blessed when you give them Rest,

His Voice can mend the broken.

His Word will release the ones seeking Peace,

But this word must be spoken.

You must not shrink back or think you have lack

For many, on you, depend.

All Heaven stands by and wondering why

Your word you do not send.

Angels have not gone where they were not drawn

By prayer and petition.

They wait and seek for you to speak

That faith which will commission.

Our God surely hath a cup full of wrath

He's withholding now by His Grace.

Tell all that you can of God's wonderful plan,

It will save many in this place.

He motioned me over. I knew it was over.

He went out of sight quickly.

But I felt a strong hand, on my shoulder land,

And I knew He would be with me.